Germany - Spain

Prediction: 0-2


I believe Germany have had a amazing tournament and after beating England and Argentina in the they did they perhaps deserve to be in the World Cup final. However with the last hurdle being Spain who are slowly growing into this tournament I think the Germans will lose today. What Loew has done at this team is remarkable and I can honestly say I believed they would actually struggle going through their group. I have never really rated their forward line Podolski- Klose – Muller but Loew has proved that a strong team where everyone knows their role and responsibility is more important to have the players with flair and special skills.


Against England and Argentina Germany knew that they could sit back and with deadly counter attacks destroy their oppositions. However as Spain will play completely different as they have a very narrow team who don’t leave as many open spaces this will be tougher for Germany. They will then have to try something else and as Spain have world class players on every position I think they will be to strong for Germany.


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