And we're off...

The first bets that will be placed will be on tonights World Cup semi-final between Spain and Germany. I said before the tournament that I thought that Spain were the team to beat and even though they haven't been extremely impressive I reckon they will win tonight. Fernando Torres has yet to get his tournament started and may be placed on the bench. This, I believe, will be good for Spain and I see them having loads of possesion and Xavi being there key man.

So my first bet of the blogg will be Xavi to be man of the match at the odds 12.50.

Reason: I think Xavi is an extremely good player and he is really starting to get into this tournament. His flick against Portugal shows he is a man with flair and with Germany marking David Villa very tightely, this might "free" Xavi. And Xavi with freedom is dangerous.

Bet: Xavi to be FIFA Man of the Match                      

Stake: 20 Pounds       Odds: 12.50


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